Colour Analysis – What Colours Look Good On Me?

Do you find yourself wearing the same colours or feeling safe in black?  Would you like to wear colour but are unsure as to which colours suit you or how to wear them? Are you stuck in a make-up rut or lack the confidence or time to wear it?

You will leave the consultation knowing:

  • What colours flatter you and why
  • How to wear and combine the colours with confidence
  • Your WOW colours and possible combinations
  • Make-up colours and tips tailored for you

How the session works: During the consultation we will discuss where you currently shop, your lifestyle and what demands this has on your clothes.  We will look at your skin tone, hair and eye colour to determine your colours.  We will go on to ascertain colour combinations and your WOW colours.  If you choose, you will receive a full makeover in colours which compliment your colouring

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £145

Includes: Your personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet

Colour Express

Have you changed your hair colour or had your colours analysed some time ago and are unsure if your palette is still relevant? Or are you short of time or on a budget?

Whatever the reason, the colour express session will show you what colours suit your colouring and make-up that will compliment you.  After the session or at another time you have the option of purchasing a colour wallet containing either 30 of 42 fabric swatches.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: £85

Includes: Option to purchase a 30 colour palette wallet for £45 or the full 42 colour wallet for £55


Do you have a wardrobe of clothes, but still nothing to wear? Do you find yourself wearing the same items day in and day out? Are you a slave to fashion or unsure of what suits you?

After determining your body shape, personality and budget we will discuss clothing styles that suit your shape and meets your lifestyle demands.

You will leave knowing:

  • Your bodyshape, scale, proportions and your style personality
  • What clothes styles, fabrics and accessories suit you
  • How to emphasis what you like about you and disguise what you don’t
  • How to confidently dress for every occasion
  • How to shop with confidence and avoid costly mistakes

How the session works: Using a short questionnaire we will first determine your style personality.  We will look at your bodyshape (no undressing involved) and find out about the bits you like and those you don’t.

Lesley will ask you to bring a few items from your wardrobe, which you do and do not wear.  We will discuss your feelings about the garments and make sure you know what the theory means in reality.  You will leave with a 28 page workbook in which the tips and advice will be recorded.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £145

Includes: Your personalised 28 page style workbook

Full Image

A three-in-one session.  Colour analysis, make-up and image consultation will enable you to have a full makeover.

How the session works: The session begins with determining your style personality, followed by colour analysis to determine your dominant colours.  Using the beauty workbook, you will learn which make-up suits your colouring and tips on how to apply it.  Using the fabric swatches we will find your WOW colours.

Finally we will establish your bodyshape, scale and proportions and noting our findings in the style workbook will discuss the fabrics and styles which best suit you and your lifestyle.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: £275

Includes: Your personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet

Your personalised 28 page style workbook

Your personalised 12 page beauty workbook


Never had the confidence to wear make-up?  Or been wearing the same make-up for years? Or has your colouring changed?  The session is tailored to you, your lifestyle and colouring.

You will leave knowing:

  • A make-up prescription tailor-made for you
  • A fast and simple step-by-step routine
  • The make-up you wear compliments you
  • Tips and techniques in make-up application

What the session involves:  You will be briefly assessed on your dominant colouring then, using the beauty workbook you will learn how to apply make-up which suits your colouring and enhances your features.  Should you wish to, you will also have an opportunity to practice on yourself.  After the session Colour Me Beautiful make-up and a make-up manual is available for you to purchase.

What better way to update your look?

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £50

Includes: Your 12 page beauty workbook

Personal Shopping

Perhaps you are short of time or have a special event to attend?  Or, are unsure of how to use your new knowledge (colour and/or image) in purchasing clothing that compliments you?  Whatever the reason I can take the stress and exhaustion out of shopping.

What the session involves:  Following a quick chat prior to the shopping trip to ascertain your requirements and style personality type, a preliminary visit to the shops is taken on your behalf.  A short-list of clothing is made-up to ensure the shopping trip is productive and fun.

Duration: By arrangement

Price: £45 an hour plus travel


A fun way to experience Colour Me Beautiful and to learn about your colouring, make-up or style.  Ideal for birthdays, pamper nights or just an excuse to get together and have a fabulous time.

Don’t let the current climate stop you having fun. All you need to do is to decide which of your friends or family you are going to invite and select which party you would like.  Numbers from 2-8 can be accommodated.

Colour: Learn about your dominant colouring and the make-up shades which are most flattering for your features.

Colour Me Beautiful make-up and manual is available to purchase on the day or after the event.

Duration: 2 ½ – 3 hours

Price: £65 per person

Includes: A 30 colour swatch wallet for each party attendee

Make-up:  Learn about the make-up shades which suit your colouring and tips and techniques in applying them.

Colour Me Beautiful make-up and manual is available to purchase on the day or after the event.

Duration: 2 ½ – 3 hours

Price: £20 per person

Includes: 12 page beauty workbook for each party attendee

Style: Discover your style personality.  Learn about your bodyshape and the most flattering styles and fabrics that will suit you

Colour Me Beautiful make-up and manual is available to purchase on the day or after the event.

Duration: 2 ½ – 3 hours

Price: £65 per person

Includes:  28 page style workbook for each party attendee


Whether we like it or not, judgements are made about us because of how we present ourselves within 7 seconds of meeting someone.

Supported by a powerpoint presentation, the talks are information, interactive and fun.  They are also tailored to meet your needs.

Price: On application



The full range of Colour Me Beautiful make-up, books, scarves and gift vouchers is available.  I look forward to delivering your order.

Colour for Men   

Do you find yourself wearing the same safe colours everyday because you are either scared of colour or have no idea which colours suit you?

A colour consultation will determine which colours suit you and how you could wear them.  So whether it is for personal of professional reasons you will leave the consultation feeling confident and ready to embrace the full colour spectrum.

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: £145

Includes: A 42 colour swatch wallet unique to you

Style for Men   

We have seconds to make a first impression.  What is your image saying about you?  Making the right statement really matters and in today’s world of online chat and meetings everyone has a front row and an opinion to make.

A style consultation takes into account your personality and lifestyle whilst determining styles which suit your build and colouring.  You will be shown:

  • Colours which suit you and how to wear them
  • Your best options when it comes to wearing jackets, shirts, t-shirts and trousers
  • How to develop a coordinated wardrobe and which items to invest in to ensure you get value for money
  • How to finish a look with watches/jewellery, accessories and eye-wear.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £145

Includes: A personal workbook to refer to and a 42 colour swatch wallet plus suiting card


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