I really didn’t quite know what to expect from my Colour Me Beautiful consultation with Lesley Dingley in December 2015, as I’d never had my colours ‘done’ before, but I must say that it was a most enjoyable and enlightening experience that I would highly recommend, and am keen to repeat in the future. Lesley quickly put me at ease with her open and friendly demeanour; we were soon chatting away like old friends. Firstly, Lesley looked at my hair and skin colouring and determined that a “warm” colour palette was likely to suit me best. She demonstrated this by draping various shades of each colour across me, to see which was the most flattering. Lesley was spot on about the “warm” shades being the most flattering, as they complemented my skin tone and hair – I learned that there wasn’t any particular colour that wouldn’t suit me, it’s the actual shade that matters, and this enables me to consider colours that I would’ve normally discounted. For example, while a bright summery yellow wasn’t the best shade for me, a slightly darker ‘mustard’ was actually a much better choice. The final part of the consultation involved Lesley putting some make up on me, to demonstrate “warm shades” – this felt like a real treat, and I particularly loved the eye-shadow primer that she demonstrated on me.

Although Lesley had a range of lovely scarves in an array of colours for sale, as well as make-up and organic skin products, there was no hard sale, and she was more than happy for me to return to her at any time to buy any of the products. I enjoyed the consultation so much that I immediately booked one as a Christmas gift for my sister, together with a gift voucher that she could be put towards a product of her choosing. Even if you only do it the once, I would urge anyone to get their colours ‘done’ because it really does open your eyes to new colours and enables you to clothes shop differently – I did ask Lesley if I could take her shopping with me when I’m in a position to totally update and revamp my wardrobe!