With ever increasing competitiveness in the job application process it is vital that you market yourself in the strongest way possible.  This starts with your CV.

During the initial screening process employers on average take no more than 10 seconds reading a CV, so it is vital you have one which is reader friendly, professionally written and enables you to stand out from the crowd.

At Essencia we work with you, drawing out all those qualities, skills, experience and behaviours which you possess. If you live locally we will meet with you to discuss your desired career path/chosen career and to obtain knowledge of your achievements and your attributes.  If you don’t live locally this can be carried out via Skype. 

We then put together your CV and send a watermarked PDF version for you to review.  Amendments are made and the final version of our CV writing service is sent to you for approval.  We have a number of options available, so whatever your level there is one best to suit your requirements.

Having a great CV is not enough.  A cover letter (whether it, be speculative or for applying to adverts) offers any potential employer an introduction to you and your CV.  It provides you with an opportunity to showcase your strengths, fill in any gaps and to set you apart from the other candidates

The advantages of a well-written cover letter, enables you to target a specific job and employer and to grab their attention.  Nobody enjoys writing a cover letter and it is imperative that it is interesting and entices the recruiter to read further

These days’ social-media is used extensively during the recruitment process and LinkedIn is the platform of choice for professionals to market themselves to the recruiters of the world.  During your initial consultation we will ascertain your objections and requirements for your profile.

As with any form of networking you wouldn’t just distribute your CV, instead you would take the time to introduce yourself and to sell your story.  When establishing your profile it is crucial that you take the time to introduce yourself.  Your profile is written with your target audience in mind.

Essencia is pleased to be able to offer a variety of options to you, whether, it be that you chose an individual assignment, one of our application packages or a work ready programme.

Already have a CV, send it to us and we will review it and make alterations where your CV can be improved – whether it be, the presentation of it or the content


Option 1 – £49.99: Recently graduated or within the early years of a career, following a consultation, we will create your CV and cover letter to secure a role in your chosen field

Option 2 – £94.99: Option 1 plus your LinkedIn profile is created

Option 1 – £74.99: Time for a change and not getting any interviews for the roles you are applying for.  Could it be your CV is letting you down?  Allow us to work with you to put together a professionally written CV following either a face-to-face or skype consultation. 

Option 2 – £84.99: A cover letter with the option above

Option 3 – £139.99: This option provides you with your completed LinkedIn profile as well as your CV and cover letter

Option 1 – £89.99: A professionally written CV is produced following a face-to-face or Skype consultation and potential follow-up consultations

Option 2 – £99.99: Includes all of the above in option one, plus a cover letter which markets you in the best possible way

Option 3 – £129.99: This option provides you with a striking LinkedIn profile as well as a professionally written CV and cover letter following consultations and document reviews

Option 1 – £109.99: A face-to-face or skype consultation takes place.  Your professionally written CV and cover letter is then produced and sent to you to review. 

Option 2 – £149.99: Includes all of the above, plus your LinkedIn profile which will have companies contacting you

Option 1 – £99.99: Feeling disillusioned in your current career and wanting a change. With this option we obtain all the information we need through face-to-face meetings or skype calls.  We will advise you how to best market yourself and produce a professionally written CV and cover letter.  This will be sent to you to review and unlimited updates are available over a 3 month period from first CV approval

Option 2 – £149.99: All of the above are included in this bundle plus your LinkedIn profile is designed


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