Get Work Ready

Three packages are available for individuals to purchase that suit them and will assist them in finding employment within 3 months.  They include expert advice on how to dress for an interview. The packages are as follows:

Sapphire – £250

  • 4 week course only
  • Unlimited email support

This package is designed for mums who have the time and general knowledge to be able to secure their next role but who just require some guidance and support in doing so.  The programme is made up of four, weekly group sessions with unlimited email support over these four weeks and one week after.

Payment is required in advance of the programme commencing.  Options to upgrade to either the Ruby or Emerald package will be offered up to and including the second group session.

After the 4 week programme is completed one-to-one sessions are available at £65 per hour and your CV can be written for you at the cost of £120 (including two revisions)

Ruby – from £490

• 4 week course
• Unlimited email support
• One-to-one coaching (4 sessions of one hour)
• CV written

Mum’s who are time starved or whom are looking for that little bit of extra support will benefit from this package. The Ruby package runs for 3 months beginning with the four, weekly group sessions (during which time your CV will be written for you – using the information provided by you) before moving on to individual coaching for two months after.

Payment options are available:
• The full payment can either be in advance of the course or
• A payment plan made up of the initial payment of £250 plus two subsequent payments of £150 made at 30 days and 60 days

Options to upgrade to the Emerald package are offered up to and including the second group session. After completion of the four week programme the full cost of the colour analysis and image consultation will apply

Emerald – from £750

• 4 week course
• Unlimited email support
• One-to-one coaching (4 sessions of one hour)
• CV written
• Colour analysis
• Style analysis
• 10% off Colour Me Beautiful products unique to your colouring

This premium package offers the four, weekly sessions with unlimited email support, your CV produced for you and individual coaching sessions for two months following the completion of the 4 week programme

You will also receive a full colour analysis and receive a wallet containing 42 colour swatches unique to you. Plus a style analysis consultation which will determine your style personality and the types of garments which will suit your body shape. This package includes 10% off any Colour Me Beautiful products

Payment options are available:
• Full payment in advance of the programme
• £250 made in advance of the 4 week group sessions, plus two further payments of £280 made at 30 days and 60 days

Course Outline

What do employers look for?

What job/career at you looking for

Personal qualities analysis (similar to a SWOT)

CV writing and applying to job adverts

Homework:        Planning your CV

Recap of the previous week
Telephone etiquette and telephone interviews
Body language
Mock telephone interviews

Homework: The job adverts you would like to apply for

Recap of the previous week
Professional you – what impression do you give to others
Interview preparation
Work ready – being organised at home

Homework: Prepare for next week’s interview and dress in interview attire

Recap of the previous weeks
Putting it all together – the interview (including mock interviews)
Your first week at work and beyond


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